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Q: So... why a Web comic?
  A: Gotta answer your question with a question: Why not a Web comic? I mean, I can draw (at least well enough that people can guess at what I'm representing) and I'm an English major, so I'm down with grammar... you've got art and the ability to convey ideas right there. Also, I just like Web comics (as you can probably see from my links page).

Q: Are you Bingo?
  A: Nope, 'fraid not. I am a person unto myself... although her rack is based, in part, off of mine. And, no, I will not send you pictures.

Q: Are any of your characters actual people?
  A: Nuh-uh. They are based off of people I have known and still do know, but they are not them. I would never even try to write the personality of someone I know--if I misrepresented them, they'd keelhaul me. Which wouldn't be fun, 'cuz I can't hold my breath for long.

Q: What's the deal with Megara and Ophelia? They don't act like any lesbians I've ever known.
  A: That's because I don't believe in stereotyping the GLBT community. "Femme" guys and "butch/bitch" lesbians... please. I think people who submerge their own unique identities to fit into a "social norm" aren't being true to themselves.

Q: Will you draw me / my friend / my dog / my neighbor into your comic?
  A: Maybe. If you were to send me money, I might possibly consider it. "Might" being the operative word. And no, you wouldn't be a main character. Why not? Read above where I say "I would never even try to write the personality of someone I know..." etc. etc. ad infinitum.

Q: Will you draw a picture for me?
  A: Probably not. I'm not being snobbish or anything... I just have to struggle to get a daily up-date of the comic done. So, naturally, I don't wanna spend the time to draw a pretty picture for someone. Weigh it--daily comic or your own doodle.

Q: My own doodle means more to me.
  A: Okay... number one, that's not a question. And number two, I'll make sure to pass that on to the other "Et-cetera" fans... with your e-mail address. Behave and enjoy your comic. I'll let you know if I ever have time to draw for people.

Q: Can I draw a picture of one of your characters and send it to you?
  A: Most definately! I love when people draw my characters for me... just don't claim that they're your own and I'll have no reason to hate you.

Q: You remind me a lot of Bingo--are you sure you aren't Bingo?
  A: Yep. I am sure. She is based off of bits of my personality... but then, so are all the other "Et-cetera" main characters.

Q: Why isn't the question I asked you in an e-mail answered here?
  A: Possibly because not enough people have asked it. This is a FAQ--frequently asked questions--page. I can't just put up everything I'm asked, or this page would go on forever... which it has begun to do. I'm done.

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