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"Boy Meets Boy," one of my all-time favorite comics. I love Sandra's storylines, I love Sandra's characters, and I love Sandra's art style. The comic no longer up-dates, but the archives are worth a look. Some mature/GLBT themes.

"Friendly Hostility" is Sandra's newest creation and a very fun read. Currently, it is doing the "back story" to the main part of the comic, which will begin this summer. Up-dates on Saturday and Monday.

"[holy dust]" is an absolutely amazing love story about a demon and his boy. It's just beginning, but is absolutely enthralling. The fact that it is drawn by my Beauty-chan has absolutely nothing to do with my level of love for it... it just helps that m'girl is amazingly talented and does some damn good comic. Up-dates randomly.

"Red String" captivated me from the moment I first read it. A manga-style comic, "Red String" tells the story of Miharu Ogawa, engaged by her parents to a young man. The comic follows the idea of destiny and love. Gina's style of storytelling and art are both top-of-the-line, and I would recommend this comic to anyone looking for good art and a fascinating story. Up-dates M-W-F.

"Something Positive" is hilarious. It's sarcastic, rude, and witty all at the same time. It's probably one of my favorite comics out there, out of both Web and professional comics. I'm always sad when R.K. Milholland doesn't update for awhile. Usually up-dates daily.

"Queen of Wands" is hard to describe... suffice to say that it's hilarious. The characters say weird shit and this gives me a happy. Up-dates M-W-F or whenever Aeire gets around to it.

"Venus Envy" is one of my newer addictions. The characters and situations really pulled me in when I started reading. I love Erin Lindsey's style of storytelling. Some mature/GLBT themes. Up-dates M-W-F.

"Lowroad75" is an adorable comic with weird characters, beautiful artwork, and amusing punchlines. I love the gothiness of it and would definately recommend it to people looking for a laugh or two without the problems of a plotline to follow. Up-dates randomly.

"Sabrina On-line" has a gorgeous art style, which is why I keep coming back. It's all anthropomorphic characters, but don't let that turn you off of it--Eric Schwartz is a great comic artist. Up-dates once a month with approximately four strips per up-date.

"Bruno" is a sad, witty, realistic look at the world. I love Christopher Baldwin's art style and I think the stories--while often depressing as all fuck--are wonderful. Up-dates M-T-W-Th.

"Freefall" is a weird comic... an alien, a robot and an anthropomorphic wolf running a spaceship. I love it and have read it since I was about fifteen. Up-dates M-W-F.

"Wapsi Square" is adorable. Cute situations, lovely artwork, and the Aztec god of alchohol to give it a bizarre side. Up-date M-W-F.

"The Devil's Panties" is weird... really weird. But enjoyable. Jennie Breeden has a great, sketchy style of art and her jokes are usually quite funny. Up-dates daily.

"Luann" is my favorite pro comic. Greg Evans writes entertaining and touching storylines and I absolutely love reading them. Up-dates daily.

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