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*Note: Anything that may be considered risque or offensive has a heavy black border around it. Drawings are arranged with newest at the top.

Art by P.

Lucky in a towel--Bingo being appreciative     Bingo in an ``Alice in Wonderland`` inspired dress     Old school, dark haired Lucky w/o hair gel (partly inspired by renderings of Sandra Delete`s Cyanide)     My first doodle of Bingo w/ eyebrows    
From a letter written to Chrisso--a doodle of Bingo, Ophelia and Megara     My first doodle ever of Bingo, Ophelia and Megara--thank God they`ve grown and changed since then     

Art by Others

Carly doodled another great piece of fanart, this time of Bingo and Lucky. The text reads ``The way it should be...``     Sara so enjoyed the realization of Bingo that Aio had no penis that she did this adorable piece of fanart, her interpretation of The Moment in Question.     Steve donates an adorable image of Bingo, letting the public know her personal least favorite pick-up lines.    
Carly did this psychadelic pic of Bingo... gotta say, I adore the pigtails.     Mari did this absolutely wonderful drawing of Bingo in his beautiful style--doesn`t she look happy with life?     TheONEJanitor turned Bingo into a superhero! She looks so firmly resolved to beat the crap out of supervillains.     Stephy`s interpretation of Megara, complete with a confusing, Megara-esque sign.    
BJ takes Bingo and gives her naughty-wear... good look for her.     Lucky needs hugs and homicide in this picture by BJ.     Tim thinks Bingo needs dancin` monkeys... I would settle for Gir dancin` like a monkey.     Lynn has doodled a picture of Lucky and Vincent making crazy moneysex. Vincent, at least, looks ecstatic about the encounter.    
Lynn believes Bingo to be a heartbreaker... go, Bingo! Smash `em good!     Lynn makes Bingo a funk/soul sista... and the remake of ``Lady Marmalade`` is now stuck in my head. Damn.     Lynn`s rendering of Bingo--doesn`t Bingo look almost normal in that outfit?     Lynn thinks Bingo would cheat at darts... and Bingo probably would    

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